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Pharrell Has Inspiring Words for Kid With Cancer That We Could All Learn From

If you ask us, listening to Pharrell Williams's infectious song "Happy" from Despicable Me 2 is pretty much the perfect way to start any day. But for 4th grader Damon Billeck of San Antonio, Texas, it's what's getting him through life—one day at a time.

That's because young Damon was recently diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of bone cancer, and his days are now filled with treatments and doctor visits instead of what they should be—playing outside with his friends and other everyday kid stuff. Rather than looking at his diagnosis the way most of us might, though—with sadness and fear—he's looking it straight in the eye, and choosing to be happy, in spite of it all. To do so, Damon's been listening to Pharrell's song on loop for months to lift his spirits. And according to his parents, it's definitely working.

Now all that would be a sweet little story in and of itself, but it gets even better. Damon's dad was so moved by his son's optimism and bravery that he put in a call to some friends, who then put in a few calls of their own ... until someone finally reached Pharrell's manager.

What they got back is nothing short of amazing...

If you didn't already love Pharrell, consider yourself now in love. His powerful message to always remember that the "present" is a gift, and that life is always just beginning, is something we could all use a lesson in, no matter where we are in our lives.

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