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Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell Battle Paparazzi Company

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have not been shy about their opinions on paparazzi taking photos of celebrities' children and selling them to media outlets. But up until now, they haven't gotten the chance to take their fight to the source: the people who assign and pay those paparazzi. Access Hollywood gave them that chance.

The debate, which touched on everything from ethics to emotions and lightly brushed upon legality, was heated. Shepard stood by his wife, commenting after Bell's story of being harassed by "foot soldiers" (the cameramen) while carrying her little baby, "If you don't have an ethical issue with that, then you don't have ethics."

Bell brings it down to a parent's level, not just a celebrity one, saying that she doesn't travel with an entourage. In other words, imagine how we would feel if we were in her shoes. Yet, the paparazzi company simply can't wrap their brains around it, saying that it's their constitutional right to take the photos.

Watch the video and tell us––what do you think about Bell and Shepard's cause? If they can get more outlets behind them, will the photos stop?

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