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Kid Talk: Cutting Straws

Does your little one struggle with cutting skills? My daughter used to, but we have been practicing with some simple activities that you can also try. This cutting activity helps kids learn how to use a scissor and also strengthens fine motor skills. If you want to extend the fun after cutting, I've included an idea for a color-sorting activity as well. Please supervise your kids at all times when they are using scissors.

You will need:

colorful milkshake straws

children's scissors

small cups (one for each color straw you will be using)

You can use regular drinking straws for this activity, but I prefer milkshake straws since they come in a variety of fun colors and are thicker, offering more resistance for cutting.

I explained to my daughter how to safely use her scissors to cut the straw into smaller pieces. It was interesting to see how she went about this task. She started out by holding the straw in one hand and cutting with the other and then letting go of the straw when cutting.

Eventually, she used both hands on the scissors to cut. A fun side effect of the straw cutting was how the small pieces of straw flew through the air when cut. My daughter laughed each time this happened, and when she was done cutting she ran around the room to gather all the straws.

Once all the straws were cut, we used them for a color-sorting game. I set up a cup for each color straw, and my daughter set out to sort them all. When she was done, she counted the straws in each cup to see which cup had the most.

This activity is very quick to set up but provides great fine motor and cutting practice. It can also be extended to include a color identification/sorting activity. There are so many fun, educational possibilities for these colorful straws!

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