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Toddler Talk: Coffee Filter Butterflies

We love butterflies. I mean, LOVE them. So naturally, when spring rolls around we have to involve them in as many crafts as possible. One of our favorite butterfly crafts is making coffee filter butterflies. They look just as beautiful displayed in a window as they do on a wall, and they are very easy to make.

To make coffee filter butterflies, you will need:

white "basket" coffee filters

pipe cleaners

eye dropper

liquid watercolors (or slightly diluted food coloring)

Take your coffee filter and pinch it in the middle. Fluff each half out to create butterfly wings as shown below. Bend your pipe cleaner in half, and curl each of the ends to make antennae.

Place the coffee filter wings between the two sides of the folded pipe cleaner and twist at the top (where the head would be) to secure the wings in place. Repeat this for as many butterflies as your child wishes to make!

Lay all your butterflies out on a tray or in a shallow pan, and let your child drip colors onto the wings. I usually let S select three to four colors per project because it's easier that way. She chose orange, yellow, teal and green liquid watercolors for her wing colors.

Using eyedroppers is a great way to practice fine motor skills.

After a few hours (though overnight is safest), your butterflies will be dry and ready to decorate your home!

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