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Kid Talk: Color Matching Game

I was at the home improvement store the other day when I noticed some pretty pastel paint chips. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them yet, but they reminded me of spring so I grabbed a few. My daughter loves playing memory and matching games, so I decided to create one by cutting Easter eggs out of the paint chips. The egg cards I made are very versatile and can be used for a number of play and learning activities. We used them for a color sorting game.

To make the egg cards you will need:

Paint chips in pastel colors



White card stock

Draw some eggs on the paint chips. I used larger paint chips so I was able to draw two eggs on each one. I cut out 14 eggs (two of each color). You can use more or fewer colors depending on how challenging you want the game to be.

Cut the eggs out and glue them on white card stock.

I mixed up the cards and set up them up in rows with the white side facing up. My daughter then turned over two at a time to see if she could find a match.

She was thrilled whenever she found a match! This game really tests children's memory, as they need to recall where they have seen a specific color egg so they can make a match.

When we were done with our matching game, we did a fun color sorting activity using the same egg cards. I provided my daughter with a cup of colorful jelly beans that corresponded to the card colors.

She was very excited when she saw the cup of jelly beans, and I told her she could have a few when she finished the activity. As she placed a jelly bean on a similar-colored egg, she said the name of the color.

When she was finished, she counted each of the jelly beans on the eggs. I love how so many important skills came from such a simple activity. My daughter was able to practice matching, color sorting, memory and counting using these easy cards.

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