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Toddler Talk: Fruit Rainbows

Every fall at my preschool, we spend two wonderful weeks exploring colors. Our learning and discovering during this time carries over into the entire school year as we move through different themes because, colors are always around us. This year, we learned a color song to learn the order of the rainbow and I still hear it daily. If you can tell from the photo below ... rainbows are big around here!

What is extra cute is that the older kids help teach the younger kids in my program the order of the rainbow by singing and drawing with them. Because rainbows are so popular, I decided to spend a whole week exploring them with the kids. Here is an healthy and child-engaging rainbow snack idea that my kiddos loved! I am sure yours will too.

I jump on any chance to get kids involved in food preparation. They are always more willing to fill up their tummies if they get to help make it. I set out a bunch of bowls of colorful fruit—at least one fruit for every color in the rainbow.

We enjoyed:

Red: Strawberries and raspberries

Orange: Mandarin orange slices

Yellow: Pineapple chunks and banana slices

Green: Kiwi and grapes

Blue: Blueberries

Purple: Purple grapes

The kids got to work on fine motor skills, social skills, and table manners as they passed around bowls, used serving utensils, and took turns asking for different parts of their rainbows.

Once their fruit rainbows were built, I offered them some homemade whipped cream for the clouds. These were cute and super yummy. The kids were excited to eat it all up!

You could easily enjoy this activity as a family dessert or mid-day snack. Kids will enjoy it with a group of friends or one on one with an adult. Happy snacking!

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