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Mom Saves Toddler Son Seconds Before Explosion

Firefighters are calling Mindie Sayers "Superwoman" after she rescued her 2-year-old son seconds before an explosion destroyed their Puyallup, Wash., home.

The mom of two told news site Q13Fox that she saw "thick, black smoke" when she and her son, Eli, became trapped in her bedroom.

"It just sounded like a roaring fire," she told the site.

That's when she shut the bedroom door, kicked out the window screen, tossed Eli out of the ground-floor window and jumped out herself.

"About two or three seconds later," she said, "there was a huge explosion."

Turns out a leaking oxygen tank was the cause of the fire and subsequent explosion. Investigators say, according to the site, that a nearby remote-control car could have caused a spark that ignited the tank.

The Sayers family had the oxygen tank for their infant daughter, who has severe brain damage and was scheduled to come home from Seattle Children's Hospital the day after the explosion happened.

While their daughter's nursery and their home was destroyed by the fire, the Sayers family say they are lucky to be alive.

"We are blessed," Mindie's husband, Christopher, told the site.

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