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Toddler Talk: Orange Stamping

Making your own stamps is lots of fun, and it allows kids to investigate materials in a new way. We decided to try out some food stamping and chose oranges paired with some bright neon orange and yellow washable tempera paints.

To make some orange prints, you'll need:

One orange, cut in half

Washable paint

A large paper (we used butcher paper)

As always, I set out the materials and let S investigate however she wanted. After sniffing the delicious orange scent, she dove right into painting. She recognized that the flat part of the orange would make a cool circle stamp and started stamping.

We noted how the imprint changed as the orange had more or less paint, and S investigated smearing and rolling the oranges.

As extensions to the activity you could add orange juice to the paper to see if it alters the paint. You could also compare a squeezed orange print to a regular orange print. Or, try peeling the orange and using the bits of peels as stamps or gluing them down as part of your artwork.

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