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Toddler Talk: Adventures in Play Dough

So many amazing adventures can be created with homemade play dough. Recently, my students Lilah and Isaac made a scene with sticks, play dough, a dollhouse doll and plastic animals.

One afternoon, Lilah was playing with play dough. “Let’s build a house for the fairies!” she squealed as she grabbed a basket of twigs and sticks.

What came next was nothing less than magical. Lilah carefully made a play dough base and stuck two sticks into the play dough. “Look—it is a house!”

Lilah continued to add sticks as she created a little “home.” Isaac noticed what she was doing and asked to bring a raccoon and a rabbit to the “new home.”

“The fairy wants the animals to be safe.” Lilah said as she picked up the fairy. “Let’s make another home for the animals.” Isaac replied.

I have noticed that children can be very creative when given such simple items as play dough and twigs. Lilah and Isaac spent the afternoon creating different little homes. It was the process of building up the homes and tearing them down that seemed to be the most fun, with each home having its own special story.

“Mrs. Haughey?” Lilah called my name.

“Yes, Lilah,” I replied.

“Can I tell you a story?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” I answered as I sat down next to her play dough home.

“Once upon a time there was a fairy who loved the animals, especially kittens. She went all through the forest and made homes for every animal. See?”

The simplest things seem to touch children so deeply.

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