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Kid Talk: Book-Inspired Art

We love to tie in projects with the books we read, and one of S's favorite books is Mouse Paint. It's a very cute story about three mice that teaches kids about primary colors and color mixing in a playful way. Process art is another thing we are big fans of, so I decided to combine the two. You may have heard about process art before, but if not, it just means that you allow your child to paint without a specific purpose. It's a nice way to approach art in general, and definitely a great method for toddlers, who are all about exploration and invention by nature.

I set S up with the three primary colors, a paintbrush and a large blank sheet of paper. We'd just read Mouse Paint together again, and she was eager to create green. She'd learned from the book that yellow and blue mixed together would make it, so that was her first step.

She added some blue before becoming curious about mixing colors that weren't shown in the book. "What happens if I mix green and red, Mama?" She kept happily mixing away, creating myriad strange colors as she went.

And here is her final creation! I think it looks a little Van Gogh-esque, no?

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