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Toddler Talk: DIY Drums

Children love playing drums in my classroom. Last year I wanted to have a drum for every child. I found the best base for the drums at the craft store—colorful, wacky plastic cups. Super cheap! Super easy!

Here’s how I made the drums.


A bag of 6 or 12 inch balloons (depending on the size of the opening of your cup)

A base (colorful summer plastic cups from the craft store)

Duct tape

Step one: Cut the bottom off the balloon.

Step two: Stretch the balloon tight over the top of the drinking cup. Tape down with duct tape. I love this cup as it is so tall. What a perfect drum!

Step three: Tape several times to securely attach the balloon.

That is it! Your drum is ready to go! And it has a great sound!

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