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Toddler Talk: DIY Binoculars

Do you have a little adventurer like I do? Ramona loves exploring and going on treasure hunts. When we go on our daily walks we often talk about the new things we see nearby, around the neighborhood, on the ground, in the trees and—her new obsession—in the sky.

So after a mini lesson showing her what binoculars were and how they help us to explore things far away, I decided to make her a pair of her very own that she can take along with her on her many adventures. We won’t have to worry about these breaking on the sidewalk or getting sand in the lenses!

What you need

Two empty toilet paper rolls

Washi tape (or any kind of tape you may have)


A sense of adventure

What you do

1. Line the two rolls up next to each other

2. Wind the tape around each roll, adhering the tape together

3. Depending on the strength of your tape, you may be able to adhere just one end together. With the washi tape we used, we had to adhere both ends together.

4. Show your little one how to look through the end and pretend they are binoculars.

5. Head out on an adventure to put these babies to the test!

Activities to do with your new binoculars

Head outside and look for different types of birds flying in the sky or resting in the trees.

Have a squirrel-counting game. Use the binoculars to spy and count all the squirrels you see running around outside from your front porch.

Lay in the yard or at the park and use the binoculars to point out different shaped clouds in the sky. Or, count the number of airplanes that fly by in a certain time frame.

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