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Kid Talk: Pirate Power Rocks

​Sometimes children need an little fairy dust to learn their letters and sounds. One year, I had a little boy in my class who was obsessed with pirates. He had no interest in learning his letters. . . until I made Pirate Power Rocks!

It is really easy to make a set of these power stones.

All you need are flat pebbles. I found mine at a landscaping store. They were called Mexican Flat Pebbles. You also need tattoos—pick any design that appeals to your child. And finally, you will need a sharpie pen to write the letters on the rocks.

How to make power rocks:

1. Pick out rocks that are nice and flat. Make sure the tattoos will fit on the rocks. Pick rocks that are age appropriate for your child. Mexican Flat Pebbles are available in many sizes. For very young children, pick a large pebble 3 inches or bigger.

Write the letters on the twenty six rocks you have chosen for your power set. If you are making a set for a child who is just learning their letters, I recommend starting with uppercase letters only.

Transfer the tattoo onto the rock just like you would skin. Let dry!

That’s it! Your Power set is ready to go.

How to use the rocks:

Start by teaching the letters of the child’s name. You do not want to overwhelm children with too many letters. Work on just 4-5 at a time.

Have your child pick a Pirate rock randomly. Search a favorite book for that letter.

Pick a Pirate rock and practice tracing it in the air, write it on paper.

Keep the Pirate Power Rocks in a bag and let your child feel the power of letters!

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