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10 Emotions You May Experience on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a special holiday where the nation honors and celebrates motherhood. It’s a day of phone calls made and of those received. A day of cards and flowers and lots of eye smiling. It’s also a day on which many expectations are placed. A day that can go exceedingly well just as much as it can go dismally wrong. Hopefully, it’s all hugs and corsages for you. Still, here are 10 emotions you may experience on Mother’s Day.

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1. Happiness

Sure, you’re bound to be happy on Mother’s Day. It’s a day dedicated to you, the mom of the house. You’ll probably receive cute, silly Mother’s Day cards, possibly receive a nice bouquet of flowers. And you’ll say things like, “How cute!” or “How sweet!” and “Awwww.” And you’ll go to brunch. You’ll go to a Mother’s Day brunch. At a restaurant with an outdoor patio where your toddler can run around while you sip your mimosa and nosh on your eggs Florentine. And you didn’t have to wait because your husband had reservations. And while you’re at brunch, you may likely be presented with a gift certificate for a massage or a facial. Or one of those personalized necklaces with a sterling silver letter representing each child dangling from the chain. Your 12-year-old may give you an iTunes card or some lotion from Bath and Body Works. Yes, it’s a special day. And you are feeling it.

2. Disappointment

Perhaps you were expecting to get something more than the cellophane wrapped perfume called “Babe” that was definitely purchased at CVS, very late the night before. Perhaps you did not get that gift certificate for a massage, but you got a gift certificate to Sky Zone, that trampoline place that smells like feet. And maybe that bouquet of flowers was mostly carnations and baby’s breath. Perhaps that gift that you were sure was a shoe box containing those shoes you’ve been pointing out for the last month, was instead a Minecraft diorama of a creeper with a construction paper thought bubble that says, “Happy Momcraft Day.” You appreciate the effort, but you are slightly frowning inside.

3. Anger

You somehow find yourself in the kitchen making Mother’s Day dinner. Reservations were not made in time and your husband can’t cook for sh*t. OR you may have feelings of anger when, although you LOVE spending time with your family, you secretly wish you could have a day alone, to yourself. After thinking about it, you realize you haven’t had a child-free day for months and you start to get pissed. Isn’t Mother’s Day about pampering the mother who just needs a GD break?!

As you sit quietly eating your buttermilk biscuits, you take in the scene around you.

4. Guilt

You feel guilty about having this INTENSE desire to run away from your family for the day. You feel guilty for having a bad attitude about the diorama. You hope it didn’t show on your face. They are trying to show their appreciation for you. They mean well. You feel guilty for being such a dick in your mind.

5. Remorse

You ate too much today. You drank too much champagne. You think about the treadmill that you will no doubt have to hit tomorrow.

6. Pride

And then you think, who cares that I ate too many buttermilk biscuits? So what if I had five glasses of champagne? I deserve it. I work hard as a mother. I get shit done! I’ll pop bottles all night long if I want. Hell, yeah, I’m a mother. Let’s celebrate me!

7. Embarrassment

You realize you indeed CANNOT pop bottles all night or really just handle the five glasses of champagne you boldly drank without needing to. You sit down, drink water and eat some more buttermilk biscuits. You hope the kids do not notice.

8. Contentment

As you sit quietly eating your buttermilk biscuits, you take in the scene around you. Your 12-year-old is nodding his head to the beat coming out of his oversize headphones on his ears that are still so small and cute. Your 18-month-old daughter is pushing her shopping cart that she’s filled with everything she’s emptied out of your purse. Your husband is doing the dishes. You realize that you truly enjoy very little bit about what is happening at that moment. You are content.

9. Affection

You are suddenly overcome with the urge to squeeze and cuddle and kiss each one of them.

10. Love

You realize how much you love being a mom. How much you love your children and your husband, too. How much you love that “Babe” perfume and that shoe-less diorama because it was given in love. You realize life and motherhood is about expecting the unexpected, being in the moment and having gratitude for things big and small. You go to sleep that night on Mother’s Day with a smile on your face because you have no doubt that you are loved.

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Yup, Mother’s Day may just take you on a roller coaster of emotions. But that’s motherhood. And despite it all, the good and the bad, you should feel a huge sense of accomplishment this Mother’s Day because you are a woman who accomplishes so much, who wears many hats. A woman to whom your children look up. You are a mom. Wear it proud! Happy Mother’s Day!

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