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Toddler Talk: Refrigerator Magnets

If your little one is anything like mine, she loves sitting at the refrigerator door pulling down and moving around all the magnets. I’ve put a variety of animal magnets at her level to help her learn common creatures and stay away from my magnets, but still, she loves reaching for the more fun and artsy ones that are kept up above.

Well, why leave her out? I decided to combine some of her favorite crafts, drawing and playing with toddler scissors, with a project of designing her own magnets. It is a fun and easy, and adds some flair to the kitchen.

You will probably need to buy some magnetic strips or small round magnets. These can be found at your local craft or hardware store. You most likely have the rest of the needed supplies around your home. Ramona picked out some fun paper and sparkly felt, but kept it safe with a simple black marker.

After she doodled on some paper, I refreshed her on how to safely use scissors and helped her cut around the marks she made. She then told me what shape she wanted me to cut out of the felt and we worked together to turn it into a magnet.

The sky is the limit for all the magnets you can make. Try adding magnetic backing to some photos of your kids, or have your kids make stick figures out of popsicle sticks and magnetize those. I keep the magnets in the junk drawer in the kitchen so I can make magnets out of her fun creations at the drop of the hat.

What you need

Paper (blank or decorative), stiff fabric, felt, or other material




Magnet strips (some come with adhesive on the back)

What you do

Give your tot a marker or two and let your her doodle all over the paper.

Work together to decide what shapes to cut out, then cut out the drawing or the shape.

Glue the masterpiece to the magnet (or remove the adhesive backing and attach to the cut out shape).

Have fun playing with the magnets on your refrigerator!j

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