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Kid Talk: Wet Chalk Art

Do your kids love sidewalk chalk? Our yard is constantly covered in sidewalk chalk drawings and doodles. But did you know that sidewalk chalk isn't only for use outdoors? Soaking sidewalk chalk in water and sugar will produce bright colors that won't wipe off paper. It takes just a few minutes to do and will give your kids a whole new way to create with sidewalk chalk.

You will need:


6 tablespoons of sugar

1/4 cup of water



First, dissolve 6 tablespoons of sugar into 1/4 cup of water.

Pour the sugar and water mixture over the chalk. My daughter was insistent that each piece of chalk go in a bowl of the same color, but you can place different colors of chalk in one bowl. They will not run or mix.

Make sure the chalk is completely covered in the water and sugar mixture. I rolled around the chalk just to make sure it was all wet. Allow the chalk to soak for 15 minutes. After, remove the chalk and allow to dry somewhat. I just let mine dry for a minute or two. Now it is ready to use.

The great thing about this wet chalk is that it doesn't feel sticky once it's dry. You may be wondering how wet chalk differs from dry chalk when it comes to creating art. Just check out the photo below. The oval on the left was created with wet chalk while the one on the right was done with the same chalk when it was dry. Obviously, the wet chalk produces a more vibrant color.

But soaking the chalk in the water and sugar mixture does something else. If you'll notice in the photo below, when I tried to rub the oval made with dry chalk, most of it came off. But the wet chalk drawing stayed put!

I tried using wet chalk on paper by just soaking chalk in water. While it did momentarily produce vibrant results, when the chalk on the paper dried it always wiped right off. Using a water and sugar mixture prevents that from happening.

If your child loves to draw, wet chalk will provide a new experience. My kids loved the bright colors and the fact that it could not be wiped off.

Store your wet chalk just as you would dry chalk. We are still using ours days later. If it starts to dry out you can always re-soak it in the water and sugar mixture.

You can still use wet chalk outdoors. It washes off of sidewalks when sprayed with water just as regular chalk would.

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