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Elisheva's LEGO® Review


"Thank you for the new LEGO® Pony Farm. We received it at the most fortuitous time: Spring break for my 7 and 4 1/2 year old girls! It was turning out to be another day of several different plans, while I tried to sandwich in a few moments of work. That specific morning, we were awaiting our next activity, and I already felt drained by their demands on me and with each other. I decided to break out the LEGO® kit, hoping to get a few moments of quiet while I finished planning out the rest of the day. Not only were they elated at the surprise gift, they equitably parceled out the different kits within the set, and set to them with a quiet determination and patience I had yet to witness that morning. While they were familiar with LEGO® blocks and had several kits already, they enjoyed the challenge of a new set of structures to build, and even helped one another with the more complex moments of integrating the pieces. And once they were done, they were able to put the sets together, and jointly play out another make-believe game using the playset, plus a few additional toys and dolls. It seemed that the act of building something together really gave my daughters a focus to their play that continued for almost hour a half! It made my heart warm to know that the same LEGO® toys I played with as a youngster were now fueling the imagination and play of my own daughters. While I can’t say that LEGO® cures all sibling quarreling forever, I like to think my daughters learned that play and creativity can make their sisterhood even stronger."

To buy: Pony Farm, $30

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