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Toddler Talk: Mixed Media

With spring slowly inching in, we’re still getting some days where the weather just isn’t warm enough to frolic outside. That means there are still a handful of days each week where we’re stuck inside. Ramona has her favorite games and puzzles and dolls and watercolors. But sometimes we all grow tired of these toys and need something new.

On a recent particularly cold and rainy day, it was clear Ramona needed to get her hands dirty. So we pulled out our fun papers, her special scissors, all of her markers, glue, and our collaborative minds. We figured, why keep all the fun art mediums separate? Mix and match and create some fun, textured pieces of art.

Ramona loves trying to figure out how to use her scissors and her coordination is definitely getting better. However, I have to stay close to help make sure she uses the scissors safely (and just on paper!) and help finish up the cuts she starts to make. She’s almost there but not quite!

And while she’s fully capable of creating her own pictures, we’ve both found that this craft is more fun done together. She likes to direct me in what shapes she wants and where she wants them placed. Then she takes the glue stick and adheres the shapes to the paper. We take turns picking out colors and drawing all over what has already been adhered. It’s fun to make something with her and, hopefully, she learns a little something about taking turns and teamwork.

What you need

Some heavy paper to serve as your canvas

Fun papers

Markers and crayons and paints and anything else to make some marks


Glue (glue sticks are best for this project)

Any other fun embellishments: sparkles, old magazines, stickers, ribbon

What you do

Pick out your canvas. Ours was some heavy white watercolor paper.

Draw, mark, write all over it with the coloring tool of your choice.

Safely use scissors to cut out fun shapes from decorative papers.

Glue, glue, glue and draw over what has been glued on.

Add sparkles, stickers, whatever you want!

Voila! A masterpiece.

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