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Toddler Talk: Felt Matching Game

This has been one of my favorite activities to make and do with Ramona yet. It’s quite simple to make, folds or rolls up to be stored easily, and cannot be destroyed by a rambunctious toddler!

Ramona has gotten pretty good at pointing out colors and shapes that are familiar to her. I hoped that this activity would introduce her to some new colors and shapes and add a little bit of a challenge to the more straightforward matching games she is used to.

Sometimes it’s much easier to make these crafts without the little one around. However, I’ve found that working with Ramona to make these crafts makes it more fun and she often encourages me, albeit unwittingly, to think and act more creatively and outside of the box. That being said, you can easily make this felt matching game after your little one has gone to bed in front of your favorite television show.

We got out all our supplies and I explained to Ramona how the large piece of felt was going to act as the main canvas or game board and we were not going to mark on it or cut it. Believe me, she wanted to!

Then we took out the smaller felt pieces of different colors and she helped me pick out what color she wanted to use and then told me what shape to cut out of it. After we cut out a triangle in pink, I asked her what color felt we were going to use to cut out another triangle. We did this until we had seven shapes cut out in two different colors. This is different from the matching games she is used to that often matched the colors along with the shapes.

One of each shape piece was then glued down to the larger piece of felt. The game was made! Then we got to play play play and match match match. Ramona first matched by colors, which was apparently the easier way for her to see the board. Then we switched it up and matched by shapes. Sometimes it threw her off to put a blue square on a green one when a blue star was right next to it. But eventually it clicked and she loved mixing up how she matched—either by shape or color!

What you need

One large piece of felt

Sheets of felt in different and/or varying colors (I used 7. You can do as many or as few as you’d like)

Tacky glue


Marker for drawing shapes (Sharpies work well)

What you do

Cut out one shape per color from the pieces of felt.

Cut out those same shapes from different colors of felt. You should have two of each shape cut out, but in different colors. Each color should have two pieces of felt.

Using tacky glue, glue one of each shape to the large piece of felt.

Give the unglued shapes to your little one and have her match them to the pieces on the playing board either by shape or by color.

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