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Toddler Talk: It's A Bird Small World

Our neighborhood birds return in full force in the spring and summer, and they are often a topic of conversation. So, I thought I would put together a small world for S involving two cute birds I picked up at our local craft store (I have seen similar ones available at the Dollar Tree as well). S and I gathered some dry grass and twigs from our neighborhood and I added some feathers (from the craft store) and brown yarn. For toddlers old enough to practice with scissors, you can provide a pair to cut the grasses and yarn to size with.]

S just adored the little birds. For awhile they sat on her shoulders and just snuggled while she talked to them. Then she informed me that they needed a nest! And they needed her help. So off to work she went.

She wanted it to be nice and soft, so she used a lot of feathers.

But it also needed to be strong, so she used a lot of sticks.

After many iterations and lots of fun pretend play, she finally left the two birds snuggled in their new nest. They are so cozy in there, I bet you can barely see them!

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