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Toddler Talk: Matching in Nature

Spring is here! It’s finally nice enough for us to spend lots of time outside. Whew. We’ve been waiting for it all winter.

Ramona and I take lots of walks. So I wanted to come up with a game we could play during our daily walks (where we never take the same route twice!).

With spring’s arrival, there’s lots of stuff happening all around: Trees are starting to bud, grass is turning green, flowers are sprouting, bugs are crawling, people are having water balloon fights. I’m making an extra effort to not be so hurried from day to day and activity to activity, so I wanted to make sure we were taking the time to soak in our surroundings and discover the changing seasons.

Color matching isn’t new to Ramona. But finding things in nature and talking about them and THEN color matching is! So after I made a “board game” for us, we were off on a walking adventure. The point is to connect items found in nature with the colors on the sheet of paper. Some colors are quite easy (yellow and green and brown). But it was a stretch for us to find some of the other colors (red and blue, for instance) since everything isn’t in full bloom yet. Ramona did stumble upon the remnants of a recent water balloon fight, though, and was delighted to be able to tape the red balloon piece to the corresponding red on the piece of paper.

What you need

White paper (the heavier weight the better)

Basic colored markers


What you do

Draw squares, circles or other areas of different colors on the sheet of paper.

Bring a roll of tape with you and set out on an unhurried adventure!

Walking through your neighborhood, local parks, open fields or nature conservatories, have your little one look for colors in nature.

Use the tape to adhere your findings to the corresponding color on your sheet of paper

Hang up your nature-made masterpiece at the fridge on home.

Encourage your little one to always be looking for different colors in nature, and to notice how these change with the seasons.

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