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Toddler Talk: Get Out the Wiggles, Part Two

Red Light Green Light

If you have multiple children this can be done the classic way: All participants stand facing the Stoplight (the person saying “Red Light Green Light.”) The goal is to see who can make it to the Stoplight first while always following directons. Red means stop and Green means go!

If you just have one child, or little ones that can’t quite get the hang of the classic way, tell her to run around. She has to stop when they hear Red Light! And she gets to keep moving and grooving when you say Green Light! She can run around or, if space is limited, dance in place.


Depending on where you are, there might be some structures that, though not necessarily built for play, are able to be climbed on (just be sure to read any pertinent signage!). Work on your little one’s balance by helping her walk along edges (even just a street curb) or scramble up some rocks or climb over a short wall. Again, use your judgement in what seems appropriate. If you’re able, it’s a fabulous way to get them to flex their muscles!


If open space is really an issue, work on some body moves. Downward dog, touch your toes, dance in place, the Hokey Pokey, spinning in circles. Any way to encourage your kids to move!

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