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Toddler Talk: Sock Caterpillar

Ramona loves her stuffed animals. Each day before nap time and each evening before bedtime, she arranges them to make sure they are all comfortable and making friends. She takes care of them and talks to them gives each of them a name (it’s usually a diminutive of the animal they are, but still—a name).

I typically buy her stuffed animals but I keep seeing cute DIY ones crop up here and there. Alas, my sewing skills leave a lot to be desired. Well, what if I didn’t have to sew a stuffed animal? And what if it was SO easy Ramona could even help me make it?!

Enter, Ms. Stuffed Sock Caterpillar. No sewing required. Not even any glue if you’ve got some sticky googly eyes laying around (I didn’t). Ramona helped me put her together and now she’s been carrying her around with her wherever she goes sqealing “SHE’S SQUIRMING AROUND” (her words, not mine).

What you need

An old sock (preferably colored or patterned because that is just more fun).

Pipe cleaner (again, fun colors are just more exciting)

Rubber bands (smaller work better but I took a handful of old produce ones I keep in my junk drawer)

Stuffing (an old pillow can get repurposed as stuffing for projects if you don’t have a fresh bag of stuff on hand)

Googly eyes (or make your own with paper, marker, and tacky glue!)

What you do

Stuff a ball of cotton stuffing in the toe of the sock. This is the head. You can make it as big or as little as you want. Just stuff until it feels right.

Wrap a rubber band around the end of the section to pinch it off and create a secured ball.

Do this down the length of your sock. Each section doesn’t have to be uniform. Have fun giving quirks to your new little friend.

I left the end section open but you can add another ball down there. (Ramona went ahead and stuffed it anyway sans rubber band. I’m interested to see her reaction when the stuffing falls out).

Twist the pipe cleaner around the first section to make antennas. Curl them around to give them pizazz and shape.

Stick on your googly eyes (or draw them on paper, cut them out, and glue them to the face).

Ramona insisted we add a mouth. Whatever suits.

Squirm Ms. Caterpillar all around!

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