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Toddler Talk: Obstacle Course

It is certainly summer! We have been gobbling up the sunshine and warm weather and plush grass that frequent afternoon rain showers have given us. Ramona loves dashing outside at every opportunity. I’m thankful for space in our backyard where she can let loose!

We came up with this activity together on a day where a walk to the park wasn’t quite in the cards but I knew we had to get outside and move move move. I want that girl tuckered out for bedtime!

So we put our backyard toys (and some indoor ones!) to work. We made up different stations that would take her down one side of the yard and back up the next after completing activities at each spot. I guided her through it the first time, demonstrating for her the not so obvious obstacles and watching her tackle the rest. It was a new concept to her but she embraced it fully and made up new games as she went along. It was such a blast to discover we had so many fun contraptions and games right in our own backyard!

First she had to ride her tricycle from the top of the patio to the grass.

Then she had to hop off and crawl under a lawn chair.

From the lawn chair she ran to a bouncy ball where she had to roll around or bounce on it while counting to ten.

Then over to the seesaw! I taught her how to walk the plank by carefully walking the length of it while it teetered with her weight.

Then the loop back began! She had to put her forehead to her yard rake and spin around three times.

From there she had to sing a song (she chose Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) while bouncing on her inflatable horse.

Then it was a hop over an overturned garden bucket.

And finally, a splash in the kiddie pool! (Next time I’m going to turn the sprinkler on all this and put her in her swimsuit.)

Whew. She did that a handful of times on her, improvising some new stations, and that little girl was spent!

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