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Why You Should Travel With Your Toddler

By Jaimie Franklin / Sponsored by WavHello

My most vivid memories from childhood are family vacations. We never went anywhere far or extravagant, but a couple of times a year, my parents would pack up the car and we’d drive a few hours north or east of our home in the suburbs of Los Angeles. We’d trade pavement and lawns for lakes, rivers, the ocean and, on occasion, a hotel pool.

We now laugh about the time we watched in horror as our tire flew off and rolled down the highway in front of us, leaving us stranded in the desert. Or when a family of black bears raided our campsite in the middle of the night and my dad, terrified, chased them off with a flashlight. We have ghost stories from the haunted house we rented every Fourth of July. Aside from the memories, I learned some stuff, too. I can start a campfire and find north—semi-rare skills for a girl from the city.

The older I get and the more I travel as an adult, the more I appreciate how my parents created these memories for me. They endured long car rides with fussy, crying kids in the back seat. They stayed up with us when we couldn’t sleep in strange (and definitely haunted) new places. We woke them up at dawn on their vacations far too often.

They say travel is all about the journey, but what if that journey includes comforting a screaming baby on a red eye or sightseeing with a jet-lagged toddler? If you’re a parent who has endured this, you are truly the real MVP.

But does traveling with young children have to be so hard? While it might not be possible to fast-forward straight to the memory-making, it can be a little easier with a bit of planning. I asked moms who travel often and travel far to explain how they do it. Their advice? Pack the right things—including a SoundBub white noise machine and Bluetooth speaker. SoundBub is a portable, rechargeable speaker with two built-in white noise tracks and Bluetooth capability for playing audio from your phone. It’s available in three cute styles your kids will love: Ollie the Owl; Bella the Bunny; and Benji the Bear.

The parents behind travel blog Baby Can Travel brought SoundBub on a recent trip to Norway and plan to make it a permanent addition to their suitcases.

“We've always used a white noise machine when our kids were babies. I thought we'd be done with it by now, but when we travel our two little ones often end up sharing a room (something they aren't accustomed to doing at home), so we continue to use white noise to help everyone sleep better. We were excited to give a SoundBub by WavHello a try on our most recent trip. I can tell you that Ollie the Owl will now be a permanent companion on all our trips!

In addition to being a white noise machine, Ollie is also a portable Bluetooth speaker. Our kids, currently obsessed with 'Moana,' love being able to listen to it anywhere!”

The Worldwide Webers brought SoundBub on an international visit to Grandma’s house and loved SoundBub’s white noise feature and kid-friendly design.

“We recently tried out WavHello’s SoundBub Portable Bluetooth Speaker and, I have to admit, it was a win from the moment Bella the Bunny was unboxed. Was it because we could play music, recorded messages from loved ones and use its white noise feature? Possibly, but more than likely it was due to its soft body and smiley bunny face. With baby No. 2 on the way, the white noise function will definitely come in handy. I have a sneaking suspicion the next one will be taking plenty of naps on the go, and anything to help a newborn sleep amidst the chaos of a jungle gym or airport is A-OK with me.”

In addition to lulling little ones to sleep with white noise, SoundBub works with the VoiceShare app. VoiceShare allows you to record voice messages from family and friends and play them anywhere—whether you’re on a day trip to a neighboring town or you’re on an international getaway. You can even use VoiceShare to record your favorite memories from your travels and share them with your family back home. If bedtime stories or Grandma’s lullaby is what gets your kid to sleep, VoiceShare can do that, too. Just send a request to your loved ones in the app and you’ll be able to play back Goldilocks or Twinkle Twinkle on demand.

While summer might be coming to a close, the memories you made with your family will stay fresh for years to come. And on your next trip, remember pack SoundBub to make the journey a little bit smoother.

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Images via WavHello

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