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Shower Time Snack Time

I peeled an orange in the shower. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it really happened. There I was, in the shower, minding my own business, when Tiny-Small burst through the door yelling, “I’m hungee, Mom! I’m hungee!” I told her I’d be out in a minute and then I’d get her something to eat. She ran off and I was happy.

But, then, she came back. With an orange. I was washing my hair, soap dripping everywhere, when I see a small hand thrust through the shower curtain, presenting me with an orange.

“Can I eat this, Mom?” she asked?

“In a minute. I am almost done.” I replied.

“I’m so hungee mom. My belly is starving.”

“Can you ask your dad to peel it? I’m in the shower!”

“He’s not here. I’m so hungee. He took Lucy for a walk. Can I eat this now? Please, I have a starving belly, Mom.”

So, with soap dripping in my eyes, I reached for the orange, rinsed it in the shower, stuck my hands outside the shower curtain and began peeling the orange as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Tiny-Small cheered and danced around in the bathroom.

Then she sat down on the floor and ate her orange.

I feel like this is taking multitasking to a new level. I mean, preparing food while simultaneously taking a shower is probably not the norm and probably an exercise in breaking all sorts of personal boundaries and likely a few health code violations too. The thing is, I just wanted to take a shower, without any crying or starving bellies guilting me into hurrying up.

I don’t think I have taken more than four or five shower completely by myself in the past 3.5 years. I mean, there is always someone standing outside of the shower curtain talking, complaining, or demanding. Sometimes, even a dog strolls in and sticks his head in the shower to see what I am up to.

I really need to start locking the door more.

Have you had any strange parenting multitasking episodes? Have you ever peeled an orange in the shower? Please say YES. I have more strange shower stories than any mother should have. I am hoping you do too. That way I can feel almost normal.

P.S. We have come a long way though. If you could relate to this you might like: If You Give A Toddler A Cookie She Will Throw It In The bathtub With You. I told you the shower theme was a “thing” for us. I am pretty sure a mother is behind getting locks installed on all bathroom doors.

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