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Remember When Birthday Parties Were for Kids?

This week we're talking about birthday parties because someone wrote in and was like, "Why can't I just drop my kid off at his friend's birthday party and leave? What's up with having to stay for every party!?"

And in my head I was like, "Uh, yeah. What is up with these modern times and what has happened to America?"

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I mean, do you guys remember what it was like when we were kids? My parents dropped me off at every birthday party and then picked me up when it was over. And when we had birthday parties? It was ALWAYS kids only. A parent wouldn't dare stick around. (Even in Kindergarten, parents who didn't even KNOW my parents were like, "Peace out, kid! See ya in two!")

Now? Parties aren't even FOR the kids, they're for the parents of the kids. When we threw Fable a birthday party last year, I spent more time trying to figure out food for the parents, who would no doubt be staying, than I did the kids. (Archer refuses to have birthday parties because they make him feel uncomfortable. Me too, dude.)

And while I was tempted to be like "Please just drop your kid off! And leave your # so I can call you with a problem!" I knew that nobody would come unless… well…the whole family was invited.

. . . I always feel like I have to stay because all the other parents are staying

So what to do? Put it on the invitation? KIDS ONLY, PLEASE — THIS IS A DROP-OFF PARTY!

Is that rude? Would you be mad if a parent invited your kid to their kids' party and told you not to come? Or would you be relieved, at peace, hashtag blessed?

Does anyone have anything to say on the issue of birthday parties becoming adult parties with kids at them? Would you drop your small child off at a birthday party if you didn't know the parents? Why do you think it's so different now than it was when we were kids?

And by the way, this is for bigger kids. I would NEVER have a party for my 3-year-old and tell the parents to drop off, nor would I drop my 3-year-old off at a party, but Fable is certainly capable of being at a birthday party without me. Except I always feel like I have to stay because all the other parents are staying and I don't want to be the weird one who's like, "Catch you on the flipside. Mama out."

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I am finding more often than not, that celebrating the kid is but a small part of the actual party... which sucks because most of the time the parents DON'T want to be there. And then it's just awkward.

I mean… right?

We had FORTY people at our house when Fable turned 5. There is NO WAY I'm doing that again.

Unless… I don't have a choice?


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