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Mom and Tot Twinning: The Classic Stripes-and-Denim Combo

How many of us wore matching outfits with either mom or dad back in the day? I remember going to the fabric store with my mom on several occasions so that we could choose something that we both liked. We'd then bring our bundle of fabric to my grandma and she would sew up matching sets for us to wear. I thought it was the neatest thing.

Fast forward to me as a mom—and the outfits I pick out for my daughter tend to be very similar to whatever it is I'm wearing that day. I do this all the time, unintentionally. Granted they're not the identical looks that grandma would create but there is a definite correlation between color or pattern, and sometimes both. Could I be revisiting a pastime without even knowing it? I started thinking about all the ways I could reinvent this kitschy concept and make it feel modern.

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If I pull from the colors, textures, prints or other details of what I'm wearing, then I can certainly create a look for my toddler without it being too matchy-matchy. I started digging through her closet and trying to pair her pieces with my clothes. There were plenty of "matches" made, and that's when I realized I had been subconsciously buying for her with my wardrobe in mind.

A classic look like stripes and denim can be done so many ways. You can pair a thin stripe with a wide stripe or change the orientation by wearing a horizontal stripe, while your tot wears a vertical. The same can be said for denim. There are so many shades of traditional denim to choose from, from the lightest blue to the deepest indigo.

I went with what we already had in our closets, and that was a navy and white striped sweater for me and my daughter's black and white striped T-shirt. (Side note: I buy larger tees for her on purpose so that they can double as tunic-style dresses. She'll eventually grow into the shirt, but in the meantime I'm able to give her two looks for the price of one.) I wore my favorite pair of faded dark jeans and put her in a dark denim jacket. The slight change in color in the stripes (navy versus black) makes this almost identical pattern feel individual.


1. Husband's vintage striped pullover

2. J Brand straight leg denim

3. Minnetonka back zipper boot

4. Ray-Ban aviator classic


1. American Apparel striped tee (out of stock)

2. Baby Gap denim jacket

3. Crocs kid's classic clog

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