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10 Unique Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away, which means it's time to get to the pumpkin patch and bring home some goodies for your front porch. Pumpkin carving has always been a tradition in our family. Every year we all carve our own Jack-O-Lantern faces, a little bit disappointed with the final outcome. (Carving symmetrical faces can be tough!) With the world of Pinterest and everything D-I-Y, there are so many other ways to decorate pumpkins! From projects for little ones to skilled artistic designs, these unique pumpkin decorating ideas will have you feeling festive in no time!

1. Monogram Painted Pumpkins

Here's a fun way to get little ones involved in fall decorating. These monogram painted pumpkins are easy to make. You just need a couple of smooth pumpkins, some masking tape, and some child-friendly paint! Have your kids paint over the tape, then peel it off when the paint dries, revealing your monogram or even a fun message!

We show you how here.

2. Drip Painted Pumpkins

Create a psychedelic masterpiece with this fun technique! Simply choose your favorite colors of paint, then squeeze until your heart's content. Watch the paint ooze and slide down the sides of your pumpkin! Keep painting until your pumpkin is covered and you like the look!

Check out the tutorial here.

3. Magnetic Paint Pumpkins

Using magnetic paint and a craft pumpkin, you can create a festive message board that will last you seasons to come! Simply spray your pumpkin with magnetic paint, then use alphabet magnets to leave fall-ish messages. This is a great idea to use with kiddos who are learning to put words together, too!

We've got the tutorial here.

4. Pumpkins with Duct Tape Faces

A no-mess way to give your pumpkins some personality! Adhere colored duct tape to parchment paper, draw on your face shapes, then cut them out. Remove the parchment paper backing and stick them on your pumpkin to make your silly or scary faces!

This tutorial shows you how to make them.

5. Chalkboard Pumpkins

Here's another great way to create a changing masterpiece! Spray a pumpkin (real or fake) with chalkboard paint. Once it's dry, use chalk to decorate it! You can draw on faces or evil eyes, or leave fun messages like "Happy Fall Y'all!" Great for kiddos, too.

Check out my tutorial here.

6. Gold Accented Pumpkins

Using fun craft paper and accents with a little decoupage, you can create these beautiful gold pumpkins. All you need are a few craft pumpkins and some simple decorations. If gold isn't your thing, feel free to experiment with other fun prints or colors. Best of all, they'll last all through the season, even until Thanksgiving!

Get gilded by clicking here.

7. Drilled Pumpkins

With one simple power tool, you can create these stunning drilled pumpkins. Follow a pattern, outline a word, or simply give your pumpkin polka dots. You can use different sized drill bits to create different sizes holes. Do this one outdoors though, the drilling makes a bit of a mess!

Make the gorgeous pumpkins by following these directions.

8. Ombre Painted Pumpkins

Create a totally untraditional fall decoration with this great tutorial! To get a better ombre, spray your pumpkins with white spray paint to begin with. Once dry, use craft paint and cotton balls to paint on your ombre design. These are gorgeous and would make such a fun centerpiece for a fall party!

Find the tutorial here.

9. Nailhead Trim Pumpkins

Looking for a simpler, more industrial look? These unique pumpkins are made with furniture nails! Using nails, tacs, or push pins, create these fun metallic designs. You can make these with real or craft pumpkins.

Get industrial with these easy directions.

10. Doily Pumpkins

Here's another totally unique pumpkin decorating idea. Using fabric doilies and liquid starch, you can create these vintage-inspired, whimsical decorations. I can't help but think how lovely these would look at a fall bridal shower!

Alyson Baker Design shows us how here.

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