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5 Halloween Costumes for Your Not-Girly Daughter

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I'm not trying to be one of those moms that is forcing her daughter to reject super girly things. Though I'm no fan of the color pink, I do love wearing dresses, skirts and makeup. My daughter? She's not even two years old yet, but she's a rough-and-tumble chica.

My girl likes to play in dirt. She enjoys cars and trucks. The whole "princess" theme doesn't really interest her. I could get her a princess dress, but anyone who knows my daughter knows that doesn't fit her personality. The stores don't help — they have strategically created girls and boys sections of stores. A good chunk of the girl customs have tutus, frilly lace or are covered in pink. Call me a feminist mama, but no way am I putting my daughter in princess costumes just because that's what society is telling me she should be in.

It has been tough, but I've narrowed my list to what I think are suitable Halloween costumes for girls who just aren't into the girly costumes.


This one is easy because superheroes are so popular right now. I found a Wonder Woman costume for my girl, but who says she can't wear Spiderman or Batman? For girls who really enjoy action-packed comic books and shows, dressing up as a favorite superhero will be a blast. Not a fan of the superhero costumes with tutus on them? Head to the so-called "boys section," where you will find the exact same costumes, minus the fluff.

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A friend of mine recently became a superhero, and when she told me her daughter would be dressing up as a mini firefighter, my heart burst. I mean, how cute is that? Firefighters are heroes. Just because female firefighters are in the minority doesn't mean that a girl can't rock it as costume. I'm wondering why I didn't think of this costume while in high school.

Sure, Harry [Potter] is a boy, but his popular outfit and glasses will look just as convincing on your little girl.


Halloween and costume stores have totally girly-fied the pirate costumes marketed to girls. If your babe doesn't like the whole skirt-wearing thing, or if she prefers historical accuracy, trade the skirts for a peg-leg and dress her up like the real thing. Patch and all!

Harry Potter

Oh Pinterest, how I love you. I haven't read any Harry Potter books, nor have I seen the movies (I know, I know), but I am aware of how iconic the character is. There are some very cool Harry Potter outfits that can easily be done at home. And they look fantastic on little girls. Sure, Harry is a boy, but his popular outfit and glasses will look just as convincing on your little girl.

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Racecar Driver

I've always had a fascination with racecar driving and grew up thinking that it wasn't for women. Danica Patrick kind of changed all that. If you've got a little one who loves cars, trucks and things go zooooooom, why not get her flashy racecar outfit, and matching helmet? After all, she's got finish lines to cross!

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