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Mom and Tot Twinning: Hello Fall!

I think it's unanimous: We all love fall! We welcome it with open arms because at this point we're sick of summer and not quite ready for winter. The minute that breeze rolls around and the trees begin shedding their leaves, we start dreaming of pumpkin-spiced anything and layering outfits.

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I'm constantly inspired by the colors happening in cooler months. I tend to gravitate toward muted earth tones no matter what season, but I feel like it's totally justified during this time of year.

The idea of playing with pattern and seeing the variations of it is how this "twinning" outfit started. We're both wearing plaid in the same color family but my tot's plaid is on a diagonal. That slight change in direction breaks it up a bit so that it doesn't feel so repetitive. I pulled the tan of her leggings from a very thin line in the pattern of my dress. My hat and her shoes are almost identical in color and I love that her boots are backed in suede, which ties into my suede ankle boots.

The best part about putting together a fall outfit is layering pieces. Because the weather has just started to change, I didn't want to go too heavy. The sun's out one minute and the next thing you know you have goose bumps from an unexpected chill. Being able to easily remove our coats was key with these looks. The olive-brown trench coat was a perfect option because it's within the same palette of my outfit but stands on its own as a solid. The color of the trim, buttons and stitching in my daughter's fleece is simply a lighter tone of her leggings. Plus, a black and brown combination is so striking to me. Here, it proved itself once again.


1. Vintage wide brim felt hat

2. Formation Design Studio desert plaid dress

3. Urban Outfitter x Mtng Original's ankle boot in taupe (no longer available)

4. Vintage Ferragamo belted trench coat


1. Caramel Baby and Child frinton top (sold out)

2. Zara leggings with buttons

3. Zara classic buckled boot

4. Wrapped fleece jacket made by our friend, Kuri

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