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30+ Ways to Have a Meaningful Christmas

Christmastime really is the most wonderful time of the year. From carrying on family traditions to spending time with the ones you love most, it's a special, sacred season.

I think all of us, whether we believe in the birth of Jesus or not, are aching for a meaningful Christmas season. We want it to be about more than hustle and bustle. We want it to be about more than scoring great Black Friday deals. We want it to be about more than spoiling our children rotten.

I think each us longs for a meaningful holiday season. I think we want to experience something. We want to know love and hope and peace. We want it to mean something in our lives. We want to make a difference.

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If you want Christmastime to mean something, you have to slow down and pay attention. You have to reject the pressure to see, make and do everything on Pinterest. You have to take deep breaths and practice patience when you are in a long line at the store. You have to take notice of the needs around you, so that you can give where it really matters.

Here are just 30+ ways to have a meaningful Christmas this year.

1. Donate food or money to your local food bank.

2. Adopt a family for Christmas.

3. Participate in a winter coat drive.

4. Volunteer at a local shelter.

5. Simplify your gift-giving. (Give less.)

6. Invite a family over for dinner.

7. Leave treats for your mail carrier.

8. Make some car care packages for the homeless.

9. Sponsor a child.

10. Shop for gifts that give back.

11. Shovel snow for the elderly.

12. Drive around and look at the lights with your family.

13. Help pay someone's bills.

14. Pay for the car behind you in the drive-thru.

15. Start a gratitude journal.

16. Go caroling with friends and family.

17. Bake cookies for your neighbors

18. Say hi to the Salvation Army bell ringers.

19. Help fund a good cause.

20. Shop local.

21. Shop fair trade.

22. Practice random acts of kindness.

23. Pray or meditate.

24. Bring dinner to a friend.

25. Treat your coworkers to coffee.

26. Support small business.

27. Make dinner with your kids.

28. Practice patience with strangers.

29. Kiss (REALLY kiss) your spouse.

30. Make someone a gift.

31. Put your phone down.

32. Reflect on what this season means to you.

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