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12 Last-Minute Gifts for Creative Kids

This week, I put together a little last-minute gift guide for those of you who (like me) are way behind with their shopping:

1. Rainy Dayz Gel (Window) Crayons

These make fantastic gifts for everyone on your list. My kids love them and they wipe off with a wet towel. (They're must-haves for all children—adults, too. My entire kitchen is currently made up of stained-glass thanks to Bo and Fable's creative prowess.)

2. Sew Cool "Sewing" Machine

This was a gift Fable got last year (thanks, Grandma!) and it's given Fable loads of confidence when it comes to sewing things together and is super easy and fun to use. (The only thing that sucks is that you have to buy quite a few refills and the refills aren't as exciting as they should be. Still, it's a wonderful starter for pre-sewing sewers.)

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3. If You're Afraid of the Dark, Remember the Night Rainbow

This is one of my all-time favorite (children's?) books because it invites the reader (and listener) to recognize the beauty of absurdity and metaphor and is chock full of wisdom about life and love and learning in a way that is both poetic and practical. It's a treasure. So is its companion book, "Add One More Star to the Night."

4. Dress up Wings

These are the best. My kids wear them with their clothes to school sometimes or just around the house. They turn every outfit into a costume and are wonderful for kids of all ages, boys and girls. (Flying is for EVERYONE!)

5. Decorate-a-Bag

These are way fun for kids who want to build-their-own adventures. OR ... if you'd rather, grab a canvas bag (or 10) and some fabric markers.

6. Fashion Design Coloring Book

Fable got this coloring book last year. It's beautiful.

7. Monthly Sticker Subscription

I was recently introduced to Pipsticks, a sticker subscription service, and it's RAD. Check out Pipsticks.com for more.

8. Music (Theatre, Dance...) Lessons:

Archer and Fable's big gift from us this year is drama classes. Archer's doing two plays this Winter/Spring (one at school and one through a drama institute) and Fable is also doing theatre there (she's too young for the school play.) I told the kids that they wouldn't be getting much from us this year because of the lessons and they were cool with it, which I love. There is NOTHING that brings me more joy than the gift of creative experiences.

Speaking of which...

9. Karaoke Machine (and Frozen Sing-along CD. And a few other karaoke CDs):

A certain foursome may or may not be receiving the following this year. I cannot WAIT to get this party started. So. Much. Fun.

10. Lap Harp

This is a GREAT starter instrument for those of you with little ones. It's also a fantastic gift for all ages. Love it.

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11. Tough Camera for Kids Who Love to Drop Cameras

Archer and Fable got these cameras last year from Santa. (Thanks, dude.) And they have been dropped, thrown and stomped on 789,789 times and they're still in perfect working order. Highly recommended.

12. Melissa and Doug Puppet Theatre (and puppets)

Q. What’s cooler than a puppet theatre?

A. Nothing.


Please feel free to add more amazing stuff for kids in the comments! I just started shopping yesterday so I'm extremely behind. Extra points for recommendations on gifts that can be delivered, like, tomorrow. Xo!

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