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8 Ways to Start Fresh in 2015

This year, more than ever before, I was ready to do my Spring Cleaning right after the holidays were over. SO. MUCH. STUFF. Everywhere. My girls seem to have doubled their toy collection. And my inbox? Because I signed up for so many "deals" during the holiday season, it's cluttered with emails that I do not want. The walls seem to be closing in all around me. While fresh air sounds like a lovely remedy, the pangs of winter weather continue to keep me cooped up. I have no other choice but to start fresh! If you're looking to do a little Spring Cleaning in your life (or your soul!) here are some ideas for you...

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1. Unsubscribe. Unroll.me is this genius little wizard of a website that quickly unsubscribes you from every email list or newsletter you ever signed up for. Don't worry, it doesn't delete them all automatically. Simply click on the ones you want to trash forever. Amen.

2. Donate. Nothing feels as good as leaving four bags of goodies at your local thrift store. Seriously. Go through each room of your house, and get rid of things you no longer want or need. Want a challenge? I once knew someone who got rid of one thing for every new thing they brought into their home. Genius, right?!

3. Clean out the kitchen. If you're like me, you have spices that are more than four years old in your cabinets. You have canned goods that you've had for years. The back of your fridge is a scary graveyard of old condiments. Get rid of it. Let your kids make potions or simply throw them away. You'll feel inspired to cook once you get rid of all the clutter!

4. Buy yourself some new drawers. After the holidays were over, I went to the mall and bought myself 7 new pairs of underwear and it changed my life. Seriously. The unmentionables I had been wearing were worn out and just gross. New underwear is a game changer, my friends.

5. Rearrange your room. I get the urge to redecorate my entire house about every month. While that's crazy and also impossible, you can easily change the look by moving things around, switching out photos, etc. Give your home a fresh start simply by rearranging the furniture.

6. Attack the apps. I've got about 20 or so apps on my phone that never get used. Instead, they hoard my memory. Delete any apps that you don't use. If you're an Apple customer, you can even store them on your Cloud, so that *IF* you need them later, you can get them back.

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7. Make a great playlist. Music can totally change my mood. I can make a morning at home go from mediocre to just plain fun in about 5 seconds once I turn on some tunes. Whatever music gets you to your happy place, listen to it! While you're getting dressed, on your way to work, whatever. It'll lift your mood and put you in a great place to start your day.

8. Eat something that's good for you. I love food. And I often consume too much butter, bread, sugar... you name it. But when I eat a meal that's full of heathy protein and plants? I feel amazing. Food can lift your spirits, too. Maybe set a goal of eating a veggie at every meal or taking a salad for lunch everyday. Whatever your body needs to refresh!

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