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Losing the Baby Weight, Month 2

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I can't believe it has already been a month! I'm over 30 days into my journey to lose the baby weight and feel good about myself. January was interesting, I'll say that. I failed at a few things, but made some real changes, too. I am down 7 pounds and I've lost 3 inches around my waist and hips. (Insert applause emoji here.)

The extreme clean eating only lasted 15 days. I'm still breastfeeding my nine-month-old several times a day and could not make milk with such a restricted diet. As soon as I added oats back into my routine, my production was back to normal. During that time though, I did learn several things about myself...

Accidental snacking. OMG. Probably the most eye-opening thing was how second nature it has become to snack because of my kids. Every time I make them lunch or a snack, it's almost instinctual to grab a bite, too. A pretzel here, a slice of cheese there, etc. I bet I was consuming 100-200 extra calories a day by doing that. No more!

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Cooking is good for you! Another thing I learned was that we really do eat pretty healthy. This was so encouraging. I cook all of our meals from scratch and really love to do so. Lots of dietitians out there say that cooking is the secret to weight loss. When fast food and precooked meals aren't an option, you're left with "real food" ingredients to cook with. Win.

Sugar isn't necessary. Did I just say that out loud? I actually thought this would be the hardest part. I am addicted to sugar. I don't just have a sweet tooth, I have a mouth full of them! I was used to having something sweet every single day and I realized that I don't need it. I can survive without it. In fact, I feel better when I don't have sugar.

When you indulge, make it count. A few days ago I found myself eating some candy I got for Christmas. It wasn't good. It was waxy and weird and yet, I kept eating it. And I realized in that moment, how stupid I was being. If I am going to eat something that is sweet, greasy, etc. it better be so damn good. It better be worth it to eat something that is not making me healthy. So from now on, I'll pass on regretful fast food and store-bought treats and (occasionally) enjoy my local artisan donut shop instead.

It feels good to be active. I looked into it some more, and found out that there is actually child care available to me (for free!) at our local gym. I've gone once a week since! It has been 7 years since I stepped foot inside of a gym to workout, so this is huge for me. I used to loathe running. But honestly, it has felt so good to work up a sweat and get active. (Or maybe it's the hour-long break I get from my 3 kids?!) I'm really happy about setting time aside to go to the gym so that I can get a good workout in, especially during the long, cold winter.


I'm actually pretty proud of myself for the changes I made last month and for the things I learned. Even though they may seem like small accomplishments, I actually think they are fairly significant and reflect a turning point in my lifestyle as a mom. My girls have noticed the changes, too, which reminds me even more how important it is to set the example for them.

I wish I had a better workout routine. I am new to the gym scene and don't have a great rhythm of what to do while I'm there. There are so many machines to use, but I don't really know how they work and feel stupid asking when I'm surrounded by all of these buff guys and gals. I think the more I go, the more comfortable I'll get with the surroundings. Just observing others has been helpful, too.

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I'm really looking forward to next month. We are moving back into town, which will make going to the gym so much easier! Plus, the weather should get nicer, making it easier to get out of the house with three little ones. I've got a few goals for next month, too. I want to do something active with my kids every single day. We found some awesome yoga videos on YouTube, so that is definitely an option. Even a 20-minute dance party would do our bodies some good. Another goal I have is to continue to eat a real breakfast every morning. This has been an important change for me. My body needs fuel in the morning. When I eat some healthy fiber and protein, I am setting myself up for a successful day.

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