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8 Perfect Art Prints For Your Valentine

I'm the first to admit that I loathe store-bought cards, candy and huge teddy bears. Nothing says "I love you so much I shopped last minute at Walgreens!" like a balloon meant for a 7 year-old and a heart-shaped box of stale chocolate. WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS, you guys.

If you're like me, you probably appreciate some extra thought—an "outside of the box" kind of gift. The linguist in me loves words—a handwritten letter, a thoughtful card or an art print to display forever. This Valentine's Day, surprise your love with a gift that's truly thoughtful. Tell them how much you love them with one of these perfect prints...

1. Want to tell someone that they are your everything? This print from Read Between the Lines is just for them.

To buy: Read Between the Lines, $20

2. This sweet mountain and starry sky print is the perfect art print for your adventurous valentine.

To buy: 1 Canoe 2, $32

3.Does your woman love flowers? This bouquet from Oana Befort will last forever.

To buy: Oana Befort, $25

4.For your wanderlust lover, this map print from Ruby Ridge Studios is a must.

To buy: Ruby Ridge Studios, $5

5. A sweet lament for your one true love from By Samantha...

To buy: By Samantha, $9+

6. This map set from Ink & Hope is perfect for your long-distance lover.

To buy: Ink & Hope, $25+

7. This floral heart print from Decor at Home is perfect anyone you love - wife, mom, grandmother, friend...

To buy: Decor at Home, $25

8. Say what you're really thinking with this funny stitched print from Basilique.

To buy: Society6, $16

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