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Why the Second Baby Is Awesome

Sure, first babies get all the attention, but second babies are more fun!

It's true, there is something magical and special about your first child, but once you have your second, you realize that all babies are magical and special. The difference is that the second time around, you can actually enjoy it! You won't be able to solely devote your time to your new arrival, but you will have the wisdom and hard-won perspective to laugh at the hard days and cherish the easy ones.

With your second baby, you are so much more relaxed. You didn't kill the first one, and you have a pretty decent grasp on what to expect. After witnessing your first child grow and thrive because of (and in spite of) you, it is easier to enjoy each stage of babyhood without worrying over every little thing. And you are much more prone to really soak up each stage because you know, with an ache in your heart, just how quickly it will pass.

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And that's another thing: Time passes so much more quickly. With my first baby, I remember watching the clock, bored out of my mind, just willing it to be time for my husband to come home. With two little ones to look after, there is literally no time to be bored. And sometimes they even entertain each other! Giving my oldest son a little brother was the best gift I ever gave myself.

Another wonderful thing about becoming a mom for the second time? You're already a mom. You've made the huge life shift, you've come to grips with your new identity, you've already got the yoga pants, and you don't have to waste precious newborn snuggles wondering if your single friends will still want to hang out. You've also already got the stretch marks and sagging breasts. I found this fact incredibly freeing; I actually enjoyed my pregnant body more the second time around because I knew that a bikini body was a pretty cheap trade for having a baby of my own.

But when you have your second child, people don't mess with you. It might just be because you give off the air of confidence you lacked with your first; after all, nosy do-gooders sense weakness.

But even better than already having stretch marks, is already having all the gear. Baby No. 2 is so much cheaper. And now you can feel as though you're really getting your money's worth for that pricey jumper you had to have for the two weeks of sanity it provided! You also know that most of the "essentials" are actually "pointless," and you won't be falling into that "wipe warmer" trap this time!

Not only do you know how to avoid the binge buying pitfalls, you also know how to avoid bad advice. With your first baby, everyone and their grandmother wants to give you their two cents on how you should be feeding, raising, educating, disciplining, and on and on. And since you're new to the whole thing, all that advice might get to you, needlessly adding to your worry and self-doubt. But when you have your second child, people don't mess with you. It might just be because you give off the air of confidence you lacked with your first; after all, nosy do-gooders sense weakness. They wouldn't dare tell a woman with an infant securely strapped to her chest and a little one pushing the tiny shopping cart how to handle motherhood, because clearly, she's got this.

And the second time around, there's even more than having the whole motherhood thing dialed in. There's the fact that you've already got mama friends. Those single friends who didn't end up wanting to hang out? No worries! By this time, any old friends that were going to stick around, have; and in the meantime, you've made a new tribe of friends! It's not always easy to break into the mom-friend world, but by the time your second one arrives, you likely have more than a few friends who can totally relate to leaky boobs and poop explosions. Having other women to empathize with and lean on makes wrangling two kids so much more enjoyable.

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And the very best part of all? Your love just keeps growing and growing. Even on those hard days, all that extra love does a world of good. You can't imagine loving anything as much as you love your first, and then you meet your second. And you love them just as much, and then you love your first for how much they love their sibling, and then you love your husband extra for giving you another bundle of joy! And on and on. So if you're on the fence about having a second little one, I say hop on over. Three's a crowd, but four's a party. But be warned, you might enjoy No. 2 so much that you start pining for No. 3!

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