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Why I'm Choosing to Be a Surrogate Despite the Risks

When I first thought of the idea of being a gestational surrogate, I have to admit that I was a bit naive about the whole process. I didn't realize how involved and intricate it would be. I have had two very easygoing pregnancies of my own. Truth be told, we didn't have to try very hard to get pregnant at all. So when I started doing my research about everything I have to do to get pregnant with a surro-baby, it was a little daunting.

I have to do multiple screenings and ultrasounds. I have to stick myself with needles. I have to take medications. This isn't exactly for the faint of heart. And then there's the risk of something going wrong. Every pregnancy is different and anything can happen. Just because I've had two healthy pregnancies doesn't mean this third one will automatically go flawlessly as well.

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On top of that, this isn't my baby. Ultimately I don't make all the decisions. And even though I'm working with an amazing couple that I feel very comfortable with, I've also read the horror stories—like the craziness Sherri Shepherd's surrogate has had to endure.

I have faith that even if things go wrong I will be strong to emerge from this experience a better person.

I'm not entirely naive. I know about all the things that can go wrong. I've heard it all. I've thought about it all. But when it comes down to it — when I really think about it — I want to do this. I don't want to live my life in fear. I don't want to make decisions in my life based out of fear. I want to live in hope and faith. I can prepare for the worst, but still hope for the best. I can choose to have faith in my body and in other people.

Ultimately I have faith that this is God's plan. God gave me the desire to be a surrogate and I've been walking this path in faith that it will all work out for the best. I have faith that even if things go wrong, I will be strong to emerge from this experience a better person. I can handle it. I have faith that the baby I am helping to bring into this world has a greater purpose. And the joy that I receive from helping a couple complete their family is greater than any fear I have about the risks involved in the journey.

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Yes, there are risks. I wouldn't advise just anyone to go through with a surrogacy journey. It is a decision you have to think about and pray over, and then think about again. As for me, I've weighed the risks, and I'm choosing to move forward in hope, love, and faith.

Image via Merari Teruel

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