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5 Things I Wish I Did as a Mom

Motherhood is the greatest gift and the greatest struggle. Every single day is full of highs and lows. I do as many "right" things as a mom as I do wrong. I know, I know. We all say, "they'll turn out alright in the end."

Motherhood isn't just about the end, though. It's about the day-to-day, too. I want my 4 year-old to have a great life as a 4 year-old. I want my 2 year-old to get the attention she needs from me, every single day. I want my baby to be happy and always comforted, even though she won't remember being a baby. The here and now matters. It's not just about how our kids "turn out."

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It seems that at the end of every night, I lay in bed and think back over the day we had. Exhausted and overwhelmed, I rehearse the day and pray for the things I might do better tomorrow. Here are 5 things I wish I did as a mom...

1. Wake Up Happy - I'll be honest, I am a huge grump in the morning. I'm annoyed that my kids are in my bed, waking me up and begging for breakfast before I have even peeled my eyelids open. I wish I had a superpower to make me happy and alert and patient right off the bat. I can only imagine how my morning temperament sets the tone for the day.

2. Put My Phone Down - I'm not sure if I have some sick relationship with Instagram or if I'm just passionate about capturing every moment, but I really struggle with doing things and NOT taking photos. I can't remember the last time I did something awesome with my girls and didn't take a picture or tell the world about it on Facebook.

3. Watch TV With My Kids - (Did I just say that out loud?) Seriously, though. I don't let my kids watch much, but when I do, I am occupied with other things - showering, cooking, or playing on my phone. I wish I could sit and enjoy a show WITH them, with nothing else on my minder other things going on in the background.

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4. Pray For My Children - A few months ago, my dad told me that he has prayed for me every single day of my entire life. That's almost 30 years worth of prayers! Pretty incredible. I wish I could give my kids that same gift. I do pray for them, but not nearly enough.

5. Go On More Dates With My Husband - With three little ones at home, date nights are a rare occasion, not to mention, expensive. (Hello, babysitting!) But when we do get a date night away together, it's so good for us and our marriage. As a result, we are better parents to our kids.

Image via Lacy Stroessner

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