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4 Ways to Treat Your Baby's Eczema Naturally

It was winter, so the appearance of a dry skin rash on my toddler didn't surprise me. The heater was sucking the water out of the air in our house, and we were all a little itchy. She was obviously uncomfortable, and we slathered her down in lotion every chance we could get. But when eventually there appeared a round red spot on her stomach a little larger than a quarter, I was concerned. We finally took her to the pediatrician and got the diagnosis: our little baby has eczema.

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Having never dealt with any kind of skin issues myself, I felt a little panicky at first. I knew precious little about eczema or how to treat it in babies, and I kind of hated the idea of using prescriptions if there was a chance it would clear up on its own. But now that we have used the prescribed steroids and the worst part of her rash has cleared up, we'll be looking for natural ways to help her skin heal and to prevent such an outbreak in the future.

First, it's important for me to know exactly what it is I'm fighting, and what causes it. Unfortunately, the exact cause of eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) is unknown, but according to the National Eczema Association, "Many doctors think eczema causes are linked to allergic disease, such as hay fever or asthma." That being said, there's not much I can do to prevent my kids from developing eczema. I can however do several things to help minimize flare-ups, and shorten their duration when they do occur.


If you suspect the air in your home might be a little bit dry, do not hesitate to pull out your humidifier. Even if you don't believe the air is dry, it still doesn't hurt to add more moisture. Using a humidifier is a quick and easy way to minimize the occurrence of eczema.

Coconut oil

You want to help your baby's skin maintain a high level of moisture, but if you're hesitant to use lotions because of the chemicals they may contain, coconut oil is also an excellent option.


A little dirt won't hurt your baby. Taking too many baths can actually dry out the skin, so don't bathe your baby too often. Give her skin a chance to maintain the natural oils that get stripped away in soap and water.

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Oatmeal bath

When you do bathe your little one, try an oatmeal bath to sooth any itchiness. Blend some oats into a fine powder and add about 1/3 cup to the bath water. Easy!

Before you try any or all of these natural remedies for eczema on your baby, be sure to see the pediatrician to verify that you are indeed dealing with eczema, and not something else entirely.

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