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17 Parenting Mantras We Can Actually Use

It's no secret, parenting life is hectic. Sure, it's also enjoyable and hugely rewarding, but there are bad days mixed in with the good ones. And just like how on one of those good parenting days, you feel like Kate Winslet, arms outstretched on the bow of that Titanic; on a bad day, you also feel like Kate Winslet on the Titanic, but when it's quickly sinking.

People recite mantras to help them get through rough times and challenging moments, to help shift their negative thoughts into positive ones. And no doubt, mantras can be very useful when parenting. But let's be real, when you have a 2-year-old throwing Mega Blocks at your face in a full-blown tantrum, sometimes "OMMMMM" is just not gonna cut it. How about some mantras that are more realistic to everyday parenting?

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1. What doesn't kill you (literally) will kill your spirit if you don't lock yourself in the bathroom for 10 minutes.

We're not all Tibetan monks, OK?

2. I am trying my best, even if my best can't seem to get my 2-year-old to put her pants on.

Never judge your worth by your toddler's willingness to wear pants.

3. Everything has a purpose, even toys that play songs you can't stop in the middle but have to let play out until the end.

Usually, their purpose is to be completely dismantled or thrown into the garbage.

4. Tomorrow is a new day, even if it will feel just like today and also yesterday.

Not sure how this brings peace, but it's the truth.

5. There is beauty all around you ... in your dreams.

Lying in your bed, asleep, that is the most beautiful thing I can think of.

6. The pain only lasts as long as the duration of "Let It Go."

This too shall pass, at some point, right? Will it? Will it ever pass???

7. Your ears will stop ringing eventually.

And by "eventually," I mean "when you go completely deaf."

8. Wine is on my side.

For those times you think no one else understands, you need to remember that wine always understands.

9. She will learn to wipe her own butt one day.

But until then, remember, you are more than just a butt wiper.

10. She only hits you in the neck because she loves you.

Has she ever hit a stranger in the neck? No, because she doesn't love strangers.

11. You are enough. Well, you and Disney Junior are enough.

If you think about it, she only ever needs you. And Sofia and Jake.

12. When one door closes, it usually means your 2-year-old is up to no good on the other side, so you'd better go open it.

No really, she's destroying something, go open it. No one wants a Sharpie mural.

13. You are a warrior. You shot an 8-pound ball of human out of your vagina canon.

Never mind that your canon now feels more like a stretched-out Slinky.

14. It is what it is, even if "it" is poop on the sofa.

Sometimes you just have to accept that your daughter just undid and then took off her poopy diaper while standing on your couch, thus letting poop pebbles cascade onto your dry-clean-only cushions.

15. It's OK that you lost your cool and said two swear words in front of the kids.

Actually, it's better than the time you lost your cool, screamed into a stuffed animal and then hid under your bed for 10 minutes.

It's all about positive progress.

16. Do not judge yourself for letting a 2-year-old completely own you. Let your mother-in-law judge you, instead.

No need to judge yourself. When you become a parent, you are being judged plenty by others.

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17. Live in the moment.

Yes, try to live. The key is to stay alive.

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