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5 Ways Becoming a Mom Made Me a Hippie

I grew up in Northern California, so I know and love my fair share of hippies. I just never thought I would become one. And yet, two kids in, I am more of an earth mama than I ever imagined. Everyone says that becoming a mother changes you, here's how it made me more of a hippy.

1. I became a natural birth advocate. Me, give birth without drugs, on purpose? Yep, I'm as surprised as you! I always thought that those crazy natural birth ladies had something to prove. But, after an unpleasant epidural experience the first time around, I gave birth the second time without drugs, and it was amazing. It was so great I recommend it to everyone I meet! And if I'm lucky enough to have a third baby, I'm planning a home birth.

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2. I turned into a healthy, whole food crusader. I always cared about healthy food, but holy organic bananas, it's super important to me now! I grow as much food as I can, cook as much from scratch as possible, and spend valuable downtime fighting against factory farming and GMOs. I want to do my very best to ensure my sons are healthy, and for me that starts at the dinner table. Oh, and I totally make my own granola.

It's funny how you can turn out differently than you imagined.

3. I've never cared more about the environment. Again, I have always been concerned about the environment, but raising the next generation made those concerns so much more real. I don't just use cloth diapers, I avoid disposals of any kind as much I can. I recycle and buy secondhand like it's my job. I use my kids bath water to water my garden. I care deeply about the future of the planet, and I vote accordingly.

4. I rock hairy legs. OK, this one is just because I'm sometimes too busy to shower, let alone shave. But it points to a larger hippie tendency, I don't care (or worry) about my appearance as much as I used to. Becoming a mom made me more comfortable in my own stretch-marked skin. And honestly, I've got bigger things to worry about than whether or not I'm wearing mascara.

5. I'm a baby-wearing breastfeeder. I never imagined myself as the type of mom who would use a wrap instead of a stroller and breastfeed a one-year-old, but here I am. It turns out that wearing your baby is rad! It makes getting things done so much easier, and it's so nice to have your little one close, especially if you breastfeed. After struggling to breastfeed the first time around, I became convinced that it wasn't really as natural as the hippies made me think. But after getting the hang of it with Baby No. 2, I'm totally on the breastfeeding bandwagon!

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Of course "hippie" is just a silly label and no real person fits the stereotype, but I thought it was amusing how becoming a mom made me identify more with that descriptor. It's funny how you can turn out differently than you imagined. Who knows, this might be the summer I buy a pair of Birkenstocks.

Image via Twenty20/kylewooton

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