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Toddlerhood In a T-Shirt

Ah, toddlerhood: when babies discover they are their own little people and take the world on by storm. It's a daily adventure full of magic, milestones and messes. Emphasis on the messes; my 18-month-old Otto goes through about four wardrobe changes a day. Luckily, there are loads of cute toddler threads available to keep him in clean and clever clothes —T-shirts, in particular, really 'get him' these days. Check out a few of Otto's favorites; these toddler-specific T's just say it all.

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I love this shirt from Kid + Kind: It's adorable (because, pandas + babies) and endearing; toddlers do have a lot of feelings, don't they? And they wear them right on their sleeves. Or their tummies.

Isn't it cool how even the most surly and antisocial of adults can't help but smile when a drooling, grinning toddler yells "HAI!" at them? This super-cute tee from Ministry of Play reflects how friendly toddlers are, and how, deep down, we all speak the same language. (P.S. The superhero shirt shown at top is from this same awesome mama-run shop.)

This tee from SandiLake Clothing—an all-American-made, fun and modern toddler-wear shop out of Portland, Oregon—captures something essential about who toddlers are, and, for me, about parenting them; they're lovable, wild little beasties and they should be allowed lots of free time and outdoor space to explore and play.

Let the good times—and good vibes—roll with this posi-core toddler tee from Harpsons Handmade. (Insider tip: check out this shop's rad new summer styles and enter the code MOMME for 20% off!)

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A few more faves in action, clockwise from upper left: "I'm Here to Teach You Patience" (ain't that the truth) from What the Wild Things Wear; "Scavenger" from LEFTright; "Happy Camper" from Bettie and Earl; "I Like You a Lot" from Kid + Kind.

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