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How Texting Improved My Marriage

I've never been a huge fan of texting. I always thought of it as impersonal, a great way to relay brief information but not a way to show real emotion or affection. That is until my husband finally got a smartphone.

Sure we text each other to confirm who's picking up our preschooler or to remind each other that we're out of milk, but we also text to connect. A text message doesn't interrupt a person's day the way a phone call does, so there's more freedom to reach out without fear of causing disruption. My husband can tell me he's thinking of me without worrying that I might be trying to get the baby down for a nap. And I can share a cute anecdote about said baby without being concerned about bothering him at work.

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I get giddy when I hear my phone ping. Those little love notes make me feel so happy, so loved. A simple "I love you! Thanks for getting up with the baby last night" can do wonders for my mood. I feel appreciated and thought of, which can be extra nice on long lonely days caring for kids at home. And being able to share a cute picture or funny thing that happened helps my husband feel less like he's missing out while away at work. We have even apologized over text, something about being able to thoughtfully choose your words and not be interrupted helps heal small mistakes.

For us, those little blue bubbles hold glimpses into our current lives and reminders of the people we first fell in love with.

We have rekindled a bit of passion too. It's good to know someone is looking forward to seeing you at the end of the day. And it's nice to be reminded that you are sexy, and extra helpful when the person who sent such a message can't see that you haven't showered or hear screaming children in the background. We also text to make each other laugh. Somethings can't be said in front of little ears, but it sure is nice to remind each other that we still possess adult senses of humor. For us, those little blue bubbles hold glimpses into our current lives and reminders of the people we first fell in love with.

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My husband and I have been together since before cell phones, let alone text messages. And our marriage has always been a solid and happy one. But exchanging little love notes throughout the day has made it even better. In this ultra busy season of our lives, texting helps us be better partners. We aren't simply better coordinated, we feel more love and appreciation and joy. Who knew a tiny keyboard could do all that.

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