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Marriage: What It's Like Before and After Kids

In just a couple of weeks, my husband and I will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. And while that number might not seem like much, it feels like quite the feat when I think about all that has happened since that blissful day. We now have 3 kids - ages 4, 3, and 1. And we kind of joke about "what we did all day" back when it was just the two of us. (No, seriously. What did we DO all day?!)

I thought about all the ways that having kids changes things. I mean, they change everything! It's completely worth it, of course, but man, life looks much different nowadays. For example...

Saturday mornings before kids: Sleeping in until whenever. Eating whatever. Doing whatever. Whatever whatever.

Saturday mornings with kids: 6 am! Up and time to make pancakes!

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Vacation before kids: Lots of drinking. Lots of sex. Lots of relaxing.

Vacation with kids: Just like being at home only way harder because you're not at home.

Going to the bathroom before kids: Door shut and never in front of my spouse.

Going to the bathroom with kids: Audience every single time. It's like a performance I tell you!

"Me time" before kids: A full day of shopping or a visit to the spa.

"Me time" with kids: A dentist appointment.

Conversations with your spouse before kids: Leisurely, spontaneous, uninterrupted.

Conversations with your spouse with kids: Non-existent if the children are awake.

Home decor before kids: Potted plants, fancy glassware, white furniture, a bar cart in the living room, Pinterest-y.

Home decor with kids: Do Legos and Barbies count as home decor? ;)

Coffee before kids: Hot, beautifully prepared, enjoyed in silence.

Coffee with kids: Reheated at minimum 3 times, but still your saving grace throughout the day.

Sick days before kids: Lay in bed, sleep all day, binge on Netflix if you're feeling up to it.

Sick days with kids: Exactly like a regular day only you're miserable.

Dinner out before kids: Slow, enjoyable, and delicious!

Dinner out with kids: Survival, man. You've always got an exit strategy in your back pocket.

Getting busy before kids: Whenever (and wherever) the time was right!

Getting busy with kids: Often interrupted. Strictly done in the bedroom with the door shut.

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Date night before kids: Plans made last-minute, out until the wee hours of the morning.

Date night with kids: Scheduled way in advance and super expensive because BABYSITTER.

Marriage before kids: Sweet.

Marriage after kids: Sweeter still.

Image via Twenty20/juan_in_nj

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