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26 Truths About Having a Sister

Sisters. They are our first wingwoman, our confidant and our first best friend. They can be our greatest allies, even if at some point in our lives they've also been our worst enemies. Nonetheless, they hold a valuable position and play an integral part in shaping and influencing the people we are today. And, as anyone who has a sister knows, there are definitely some things that only a sister can teach you.

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1. Dressing exactly the same is really cute and somewhat permissible when you are under the age of 5

It was sort of cool when your mother dressed you and your sister in matching outfits, but only before it became not cool. It was around the age of 5 when you were like, "Hey, that's my outfit, man." You keep that in mind when dressing your kids now.

2. You have a psycho fire-breathing dragon inside of you that comes out when someone messes with your sister

You learned quite early on, even back in the playground days, that you care more about defending and protecting your sister than you do your own self. And you'll pull out all the stops to confront anyone who crosses her. And it's not pretty.

3. Being close enough to the same size as your sister automatically gives the other permission to wear any and all of your clothes

It was true in high school, and it's still true today. It's just that back then you were borrowing each other's Girbaud Jeans, and today you are borrowing each other's Spanx.

4. You really value her opinion

Your sister somehow knows exactly what to say.

Whether it's the bully who made fun of your hairy arms, the first boy who broke your heart, that awful divorce, or even the mom at your kid's school who criticized your parenting, your sister somehow knows exactly what to say when you feel stripped of confidence and not good enough.

5. There is someone you can trust with your deepest darkest secrets

Though she will threaten to spill them when you fight, her lips are sealed because you have shit on her, too.

6. Copying someone is really a form of flattery

She bought the exact same boots as you because you have good taste, and you bought the same dress as hers because she looked like a goddess wearing it, and you wanted to try to look half that good. It's just difficult to let on to those reasons when you are 16 and trying to be original. It's much easier to admit to it now.

7. Team work is important

You first learned how valuable working together really was when you would help each other sneak out of the house. And it's even more important today when you meet up for dinner with all six of your combined children in tow.

8. You can turn any normal day into one of the best days ever

One minute you'll be sitting around commenting on the Who Wore It Best section of US Weekly, and the next, you'll have made a sour candy run to 7/11, ordered three large pizzas, opened a bottle of vodka and turned both your phones on silent while you had an '80s movie marathon, starting with "Sixteen Candles."

9. You will one day miss sharing a room

Sure, there were times when you wanted to listen to your music, to talk on the phone in privacy, times you just couldn't stand to hear her breathe. But there were also those times when you stayed up all night on a school night, talking and giggling, the late night room dance parties, listening to Depeche Mode Violator on repeat on your stereo, and the times you felt comforted just having her there.

10. No matter what the rest of the world thinks, you always have someone who thinks you're amazing

You loved her through her "goth" phase, and she loved you through your annoyingly preppy phase.

11. It doesn't matter how weird everyone else thinks you're being in public if you're having fun

Dressing up in '80s prom dresses and blue eye shadow while walking down Sunset Boulevard on a random Tuesday night is always a good idea. Who cares that people called you "freaks" and someone threw a shoe at you. A whole Hollywood Bus Tour stopped in the middle of the street to take pics of your awesomeness, and you ended up on the stage at a club in West Hollywood. Best. Night. Ever.

12. Making up words and even an entire language is not that difficult

How else were you supposed to secretly alert the other of an "incoming douche" or to signal when it's time to "get a text message" that you are needed somewhere immediately? And you still use it today when communicating in front of your kids about where the chocolate is hidden.

13. There is someone out there who understands you, where you came from, how you were raised, why you see the world the way you do

When you need to talk to about your perfectionist problems or your deeply ingrained guilt-complex, your sister is there and ready to exchange her very similar problems, and you can often work out your crazy over a glass of wine and a lot of laughs.

14. There's someone out there who has the same hair problems

Back then it was getting your stick straight hair to keep a curl, now it's getting your thinning mom hair to not fall out.

15. Someone's always got your back

You were a duo from the beginning and you will always be.

No doubt, sisters go through ups and downs in their relationships. But, when push comes to shove, she's there, supporting you, holding your hand, reminding you how you were a duo from the beginning and you will always be, in some way.

16. You always have a lookout chick

Whether it was a call to warn you that mom was on her way home or a call today to tell you that your favorite pork-themed food truck is due to be parked right around the corner from you, she's always lookin' out.

17. Missing your flight to spend an extra night together is always a good idea

When you get older and have families of your own, you cherish the time with your sister more and more.

18. She can smell your BS from a mile away

She knows you so well that even one unusual eyebrow twitch will give you away. Of course she knows when you're lying. She's broken all your poker faces.

19. She'll always remember your most embarrassing moments

Others may have forgotten about the time you walked the whole length of that hot pool party, strutting your stuff, with your tampon string hanging out. She won't.

20. The harder you try not to laugh, the harder you will definitely laugh

And the more disapproving looks you will get from your parents.

21. You can watch "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," "Troop Beverly Hills" or "Sister Act" at least 35 times each, and still want to watch it again

And you jump to your feet every time to sing, "It's Cookie Time."

22. The notion of reading each other's mind is real

Sisters have an other-worldly connection; they are on the same level, the same wavelength. You can often sense what the other one is thinking, and you call each other at the exact same time.

23. You have so many inside jokes that those around you get so annoyed

But you really don't care.

24. You will miss each other more than you ever imagined

You feel a hole in your heart when one of you first leaves home for college, and you almost daily find yourself thinking, "She needs to be here right now!" whenever something funny happens that only you and your sister would get.

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25. Not talking to each other hurts more than it's worth

You can only be mad at each other until one of you has something funny, sad or juicy to tell the other one, which is usually within the hour, if not the next 10 minutes.

26. Seeing her become a mother is a beautiful thing

When you watch her holding her first child, you'll swear you've never seen such a beautiful woman in your life.

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