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30 Thoughts You Have During a Pregnancy Scare

I have two wonderful children and I don't want any more. There is nothing in me that wants to have another child. I know other women who get baby fever at the mere sight of an infant, but not me. I'm done. That's why a few months ago when my period was late I nearly had an anxiety attack. It's funny how many thoughts went through my mind. I experienced a whole range of emotions before finally taking a pregnancy test to ease my mind. I was all over the place. Here are all the thoughts that went through my head. Can you relate?

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1. Man, I haven't had my period in a while.

2. Wait, when was I supposed to get my period? I should really keep track of that thing. They have apps for that.

3. Let me look at the calendar. I think I had it, like, twenty…..seven days ago???

4. I really should have had it by now. Why am I so late?!

5. I have been feeling pretty tired lately. Is it pregnancy fatigue?

6. Oh my gosh, did we use protection that one time? I think we didn't. Did we?! I can't remember!

7. How could I let this happen?!

8. My husband needs a vasectomy.

9. I. Cannot. Have. A. Baby. Right. Now.

10. I feel like throwing up.

11. That means I'm definitely pregnant!

12. I'm just going to drive to the store and get a pregnancy test.

13. Okay, just breathe. I'm driving to the store. No big deal. I'm just going to pee on a stick. It's all good. Totally normal.

14. You know. If I have a baby, it's not the end of the world. I can do this.

15. Obviously God wanted this to happen. And if he wants it to happen it'll be fine.

16. Crap. If I'm pregnant my surrogacy agency is not going to be happy. I feel terrible! How could I be so irresponsible?! (Maybe this one is just me since I'm planning on being a surrogate soon)

17. What will my mom say?!

18. There are so many options for pregnancy tests. And they're so expensive! Which one do I get? I can't get the cheapest one, but I don't want the most expensive one either…

19. I've been standing here too long. Just pick one and go.

20. I wonder what the cashier thinks about me. Does she know I'm freaking out inside? I need to act casual. Is it hot in here? Ooh, chocolate.

21. Okay. Time to do this.

22. Now to wait for the results.

23. Time's up.

24. I can't look. I really don't want to look.

25. Please don't be positive. Please don't be positive. Please don't be positive. Please don't be positive.

26. Okay, I'm going to look…

27. t's negative! I'm not pregnant! Hallelujah!

28. Man, I'm a little sad. It would have been nice to have another little baby. They're so small and cute and cuddly. I had a name picked out and everything…

29. My husband is definitely getting a vasectomy.

30. I will never have unprotected sex ever again.

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Image via Kristel Acevedo

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