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7 Yummy Salads That'll Have You Rethinking Leafy Greens

Remember when salad was something you'd get at an all-you-can-eat restaurant? You'd fill a plate with watery iceberg lettuce, cubed ham, who-knows-how-old hard-boiled eggs, "bacon" bits, goopy ranch dressing and chocolate pudding—and call it a salad. No wonder people grew to loathe the things!

Now that I'm an "adult" and try to eat plants on a regular basis, I've got a handful of go-to salads that are just plain amazing. I mean, crave-worthy, people! Forget the salads of the '80s and '90s and whip up some of these fresh, flavorful, healthy recipes.

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1. Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad (from Living on Love) Before you "ew" at this recipe, you've got to give it a try. Chopped brussels sprouts and kale make a surprisingly delightful crunch! The homemade dressing is diving and this salad lasts a week or more in the fridge. Sometimes I'll make a big batch on Sunday and then eat it all week long for lunch. Nom.

2. Tomato Bruschetta (from My Life at Playtime) Yep. A salad without any true "greens." Tomatoes, peppers, and onions come together to make an amazing flavor combination. This recipe is perfect for parties, picnics and other summer get-togethers!

3. Quinoa Bulgar Salad (from Classic Play) This recipe is the perfect summertime side dish! Full of the ancient grain that everyone keeps talking about, quinoa, it's a healthy option for summer barbecue and cookouts. Best of all, it's easy to put together and keeps well in the fridge.

4. Romaine Salad with Radishes, Fennel & Grapefruit (from Sheri Silver) Here's a salad that tastes as good as it looks! This one packs in flavor — from the sharp hot radishes to the sweet and sour grapefruit segments, your tastebuds will be doing a little dance! A great recipe for a diner party or fancy brunch.

5. Asparagus, Bacon, & Egg Salad (from Skinny Taste) Brunch is everyone's favorite thing these days. I totally get it. If you're in need of something a little lighter than biscuits and gravy or fried eggs and cheese, this asparagus, bacon and egg salad is killer. Healthy, hearty and filled with savory flavor. Great for folks who don't love leafy lettuce!

6. Summer Nectarine Salad (from Honestly Yum) Here's a salad that screams summertime! Tomatoes and nectarines (you could also use peaches) smother the greens to create a juicy and flavorful, bright summer salad. Add this to your list, pronto!

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7. BLT Chopped Salad (from How Sweet Eats) This BLT chopped salad has become my go-to salad recipe these days. (I often use romaine or spinach instead of what's called for.) It's perfect for a weeknight meal or a summer potluck and is absolutely delicious! Leave off the bacon if you want an even healthier salad. Make this ASAP!

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