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20 Ways You Know Your Baby Isn't a Baby Anymore

It seems to happen overnight. One day you've got a little baby riding on your hip, the next an opinionated toddler running toward the nearest danger. Thankfully, it isn't quite this abrupt, but it certainly sneaks up on you. There are tons of wonderful things about the next stage, but for a baby lover like me, it can be a bit bittersweet.

You trade naps on your chest for a more predictable routine and playtime on the floor for a full-body, toddler-chasing workout. You gain personality and words, but you lose that new-baby smell. The sneakiest part of this whole transformation is that it doesn't coincide with a specific date on the calendar. Each baby becomes a toddler at their own pace. Please don't ask me how to slow the process down. I've tried everything, but they just insist on growing up.

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Here's how to know if you've officially got a toddler on your hands:

1. Your back is killing you from walking like a hunched-over spotter.

2. You have become fluent in little grunts and pantomime.

3. They suddenly have serious opinions.

4. They want to feed themselves. With your fork.

5. They want to get down. Like now.

6. You discover that you only thought you baby-proofed enough.

7. No more naps in random places.

8. You know exactly how to make them laugh.

9. Footie pajamas have become dangerous.

10. Little shoes are no longer just a fashion statement.

11. They have fixated on a favorite book.

12. And favorite toy. Don't lose it, whatever you do.

13. You've been handed a fake phone and said "Hello."

14. You've become extremely suspicious of silence.

15. Bath time resembles the splash zone at Sea World.

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16. You say no at least 50 times a day, sometimes 50 times an hour.

17. You find yourself reminiscing about those early days a lot.

18. And maybe even considering another.

19. You've started fantasizing about being done with diapers.

20. You can't remember the last time you sat down.

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Image via Carla Wiking

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