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10 Reasons I'm Happy To Be Done Breastfeeding

I breastfed my son until he was one year old and while I am so happy that I did, I am equally happy to be done. There are of course the sweet bits that I will miss, but a full year of making someone's food with my body was plenty. Here are ten great reasons to celebrate weaning.

1. Someone else can put him to sleep. This one is huge for me. Although I mostly loved our cozy night time routine, it meant I could never have a night off. And I don't miss the the middle of the night feedings one bit.

2. I can drink all the coffee I want. For me, motherhood is fueled by my morning cup(s) of java. It is so nice to have that extra latte on particularly rough days.

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3. More importantly, I can drink all the wine I want. There is something about only having one small glass of wine that can really kill a party mood. I'm no alcoholic, but it's nice to feel like a grown-up and pour that second glass worry free.

4. No pumping. For me pumping is pretty much the worst part of breastfeeding, I barely did it and I so glad I'm done.

5. I get to wear a real bra. One with underwires and everything. Three cheers for no break away clasps or breast pads.

6. My body is all my own. After almost 10 months of pregnancy and a full year of breastfeeding, I had forgotten how nice it is to not share my body with a tiny human.

7. I can wear whatever I want. No more worrying about boob access. This is especially helpful with summer coming up, nobody wants to pull a dress all the way up over their bra.

8. I might finally lose the baby weight. You know, now that I'm not constantly starving. I swear the hunger from nursing made me gain weight, it's nice to eat for one.

9. He won't ever be able to ask for it. I have nothing against extended breastfeeding, but I knew it wasn't for me. It's such a relief to know that I won't have to deal with him asking to nurse or trying to breastfeed at an awkward time.

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10. He was ready. Weaning was super easy and that made the transition really great. I am grateful that he was just as interested in moving on as I was.

Whether you breastfed for one month or thirty, congratulate yourself for doing it and enjoy your newfound freedom.

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